About Stud Toys

Based in Michigan, USA - Sending sex toys out to the world!

Stud Toys is an online sex toy store based in the USA.  We specialize in men’s sex toys, but have toys of all kinds in our store.  We are located in Traverse City, Michigan – where we live and run one of our brick and mortar stores, The Laughing Buddha.   This site is run in conjunction with our web partner – Traverse City Web Design.

We are not associated with any corporations (we’re scrappy entrepreneurs!) and we take great pride in the independent business we’ve built.  We’ve brought pleasure and orgasms to thousands of people over the years!

We love the toys at Study Toys and strive to give our customers a fun shopping experience in a discreet and safe online store.   We don’t have any nudity on our site – we focus on the toys – and we work hard to protect your privacy.

You can read about the steps we’ve taken at our Ordering F.A.Q. Here is a brief rundown on some of the things you’ll find there:

  • We ship toys on the next business day after an order is made.  If your order is placed on Friday, it will be shipped the following Monday.
  • We ship every package discreetly, in a plain brown box. 
  • We believe in (and support!) internet security and privacy VERY MUCH and do not sell ANY information to ANYONE for ANY reason.
  • When you order, we do not see your credit card information and we do not have access to it.  We do see your shipping address when you enter it into our website so we know where to ship your purchases.
  • We are continuously striving to keep our collection of adult toys at Flesh Toys for Boys up-to-date and innovative. Shopping with us is a completely safe and enjoyable activity, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or would like more information!   If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please contact us anytime.

StudToys.com is an online sex toy store located in Michigan, USA.  We are an independent store and not connected with any sex toy manufacturers or production companies.  Above are picture of our Fantasies Unlimited store in Big Rapids, Michigan and The Laughing Buddha in Traverse City, Michigan.  

At Stud Toys, we  try to provide a sophisticated online store of intimate products that are fun to browse and easy to shop. 

We are dedicated to sourcing toys and gear for creating healthy, positive and sometimes unexpected sexual experiences for people of all genders and/or sexual identities.   

As Sales Manager, I handle all inquiries from the website.  Feel free to drop a line at Info@StudToys.com or hit me up through the contact form and I will get back with you soon!

Peace and Love!

Steven W.