Men's Sex Lubes and Lotions

Men's Sex Lubes and Lotions

Men's Sex Lubes and Lotions

Gents, it’s time to get slippery! Lube is a must-have item for any man looking to add some extra oomph to their bedroom shenanigans or solo play. Not only does it make it easier to slide in and out during sex, but let’s face it – things just feel better when they’re wetter (wink wink!).

When shopping around for lubes, you’ll find that there are tons of options on the market. From oil-based varieties to water-soluble ones with added flavorings, you can truly customize your experience until you’ve found the perfect match for your needs. So go ahead and put aside any inhibitions – give yourself permission to get a little wild and explore all your naughty possibilities!

– Water Based Sex Lubricants –

 If you’re looking for a smooth, non-stick lube experience, look no further than water based lubes. They dissolve easily into the skin and can be easily washed away with soap and water – making clean up effortless. But remember to grab a large bottle as you may need to apply it more often because of its easy wash away nature.

The best part about using water based lubricants is that they won’t corrode condoms like oil-based lubes do – making them totally safe for use during intercourse.

– Silicone Based Sex Lubricants for Men –

Silicone-based sex lubricants provide a longer-lasting, slicker experience than their water-based counterparts. Although they tend to be thinner and require less product for use, these lubes are not ideal for use with sex toys due to the greasiness. However, this thicker consistency makes them an excellent choice for shower play as they’ll remain in place once applied.

Ultimately, personal preference will determine whether silicone lubes suit your individual needs – many love them while some aren’t so keen! (We absolutely adore them!)

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